Third Battle of New Jacinto


Attack on the Sovereign

Flooding of Pelruan
Flooding of Pelruan

Lambent Pandemic


15 A.E.


Pelruan, Vectes


COGFlag Coalition of Ordered Governments


  • None
  • Hundreds of thousands of Polyps
  • None
  • Thousands of polyps

The Flooding of Pelruan occurred during the Lambent Pandemic when an Imulsion seep opened benenth the town of Pelruan and caused it to sink and flood, allowing hundreds of thousands of Polyps to emerge.

Order of BattleEdit

Pelruan FloodsEdit

Several months after Pelruan was evacuated, Sgt. Marcus Fenix and Cpl. Dominic Santiago escorted retired Gear Frederic Benten back to the town in order to recover a plaque from a war memorial in the center of town. However, as they took the plaque off of the memorial, they noticed the ground becoming less stable and mushy as an Imulsion seep opened beneath the town. They headed back to their Packhorse, but as the Imulsion flooded the town, Dom tripped and fell into the decaying ground. He was saved by Marcus and Benten using the Packhorse's rope, and they waited on a still stable piece of road for KR Eight-Zero to arrive and rescue them.[1]

The Polyp HordeEdit

When KR Eight-Zero arrived, Maj. Gill Gettner ordered that Benten be evacuated first from the Gears' refuge, and once Marcus and Dom were up, Lt. Nat Barber and Cpl. Damon Baird would winch down and attach cables to the Packhorse so it could be retrieved as well. However, thousands of Polyps began emerging as Marcus was winched up, and Gettner flew the King Raven away from the site rather than risk sending anyone back down. As they flew away from the town, they witnessed hundreds of thousands of polyps emerge from the Imulsion and begin heading across the island. They realized they needed to slow or stop the horde of Lambent, and Gettner flew ahead of the mass of polyps so Marcus could fire a Longspear into the mass to try and set off a chain reaction. He fired two shots into the polyps, and they began exploding in increasing succession, culminating in a massive explosion. The explosion was heard all over the island, and the Gorasni workers at the Vectes Imulsion Field decided to evacuate in case more polyps emerged, and Col. Victor Hoffman moved the scheduled evacuation of Vectes to the next day.[2]


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