The Flashback Map Pack is a map pack that comes bundled with all new copies of Gears of War 2 as free downloadable content. It is in the form of a large game manual sized card that has a tear off piece on the back containing the code. If not, it can be purchased for 400 Microsoft Points. It also includes a free trial for Xbox Live Gold and, if the Special Edition was bought, the Golden Lancer code. The maps included are Canals, Tyro Station, Mansion, Gridlock, and Subway. All the maps have been updated to fit the overall time period of Gears of War 2, such as Canals having ice slicked on 85% of the map because Gears of War 2 takes place in winter, besides some other less obvious changes to cover, size, and weapon placement. Other than this, however, the maps are exactly the same as in Gears of War.

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