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Commando squad Five-Seven is briefed by Cpt. Victor Hoffman. Members from left to right: Padrick Salton, Baz, Cho Ligan, Sommers and Bai Tak.

"Five-Seven to control-- the radar's down. You're free to fly."
— Cpt. Victor Hoffman, after Five-Seven destroyed Gralia

Five-Seven was a commando squad under the command of Cpt.Victor Hoffman during the 62nd year of the Pendulum Wars.



Five-Seven running towards the truck to make their escape.

Raid on GraliaEdit

Five-Seven was stationed at Camp De La Croix along the Sarfuth-Maranday border. When UIR forces from the Republic of Lauczi began approaching Sarfuth, Cpt. Victor Hoffman came up with a plan to take out a radar station at Gralia so that COG air forces could ambush them. Five-Seven crossed the neutral Maranday border into Lauczi in a truck, making it safely into the UIR country. They destroyed Gralia without incident, but as they tried to cross back into Maranday, they were forced into a shootout with Maranday border guards, killing three of them. They eventually made it back to the town of Senio in Sarfuth.[1]

Known MembersEdit


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