Fire Extinguisher

A normal fire extinguisher.

Fire Extinguishers were devices used by Serans to safely put out fires.


Lambent PandemicEdit

"There's a fire! Grab the extinguisher!"
— Marcus Fenix to his squadmates during the attack on the CNV Sovereign

Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago used fire extinguishers to extinguish flames caused by the Lambent attack on the CNV Sovereign.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit


The location of the Fire Extinguisher.

  • Fire extinguishers are real-life devices used to extinguish flames in any given situation.
  • In Arcade Mode, you will receive points for putting out fires with the Fire Extinguisher.
  • Putting out fires with the Fire Extinguisher counts as manipulating an object, thus progressing you in the Doorman Medal.
  • There is a certain easter egg found in the multiplayer map Checkout that allows you to execute your enemies with the Fire Extinguisher. All you have to do is activate one of the two fire alarm buttons. One is found on the left wall of the Home Goods spawn while the other is found inside the Hanover Photo Center on the right side of the main wall. Once the alarms go off, go to the back room (top-center part of the map) and you will see a pair of partially opened doors. Destroying the box wedged between the doors by meleeing or shooting it will reveal the Fire Extinguisher, which can be picked up as a heavy weapon (thus slowing your movement). It does no damage but can be used to execute downed opponents by holding the Y button near them.
  • When going near a downed enemy and holding Y, the fire extinguisher will use the Hammerburst execution.


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