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"Is three Armadillos enough for fifty vehicles?"
"Not really."
"Didn't think so.
— Pvt. Federic Rojas and Sgt. Marcus Fenix talking about the convoy's lack of defenses

Private Federic Rojas was a Gear soldier in the Coalition of Ordered Governments army and the younger brother of Jan Rojas, who died in the Lightmass Offensive. He served alongside Col. Victor Hoffman and Delta Squad during the Evacuation of North Gate.


Evacuation of North GateEdit

Arriving at the Convoy ZoneEdit

"Wow. I missed a lot."
— Rojas, after hearing about the battle the rest of Delta-One had fought in

Rojas joined Delta-One a week after the Lightmass Offensive, just in time to partake in the Evacuation of North Gate.[1] He rode in the lead convoy vehicle with Sgt. Marcus Fenix and Cpl. Dominic Santiago, where they discussed if they had enough APCs to defend the convoy, and also manned the gun position.[2] When they arrived at the convoy site, Rojas was impressed by the organization of the sappers, and wondered how they had loaded almost all of the equipment onto the trucks. A passing sapper overheard wondering about it, and cussed Rojas out, telling him that they had worked all night without sleeping to do it. Shortly after this, Rojas joined in with Marcus, Dom, and Pvt. Augustus Cole in helping the sappers load more supplies onto the trucks.[3] When a report came in about Drones moving across the surface, Col. Victor Hoffman ordered Rojas to stay behind and guard the APCs.[4] When the other Gears returned from fighting, Rojas was upset that he had missed out, and admired Sgt. Bernadette Mataki's black eye she had received during the fight.[5] He then helped Pvt. Tai Kaliso move an Armadillo, and rejoined Marcus and Dom in the APC, where they discussed Lt. Anya Stroud, whom Rojas was surprised to learn had a sense of humor.[6]

Moving OutEdit

"What did we lose back there?"
— Rojas, asking Marcus about casualties after a Locust ambush

The convoy got under way, but segments were ambushed by the Locust. Rojas, Marcus, and Dom were forced to wait and listen at the front of the convoy as their comrades fought off the Locust until they'd had enough and turned back to help. After Marcus received a report on the casualties, Rojas inquired on how many casualties they had suffered, and Marcus told him that four convoy personnel had been killed, and several tons of food lost.[7] They retrieved Cole, Cpl. Damon Baird, Bernie, and an injured convoy guard named Jeff Tatton,[8] but Marcus and Dom went back on foot to rescue Hoffman and Tai.[9]

After the MissionEdit

The convoy and all the Gears returned to Jacinto safely, and Rojas returned to Wrightman Base with the rest of the squad, going to sleep in the Delta Barracks.[10] The next day, Rojas went with the rest of the squad, minus Marcus, to the battlefield to collect remains and retrieve a truck that had been left behind.[11]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Rojas had a very happy and easy going demeanor, and an innocent enthusiasm for fighting. Dom noted that even though he had lost much during the war, he had no vengeance or malice in him.[12] Dom thought that when he had his helmet off, it was very easy to mistake Federic for his older brother,[5] and sounded like him with his helmet on.[13] Dom believed that Hoffman ordered Federic to stay behind in order to keep the Rojas family from losing a third son.[14]


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