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The Fall of Gorasnaya took place around E-Day. It was a major event in the early Locust War. The battle was led by the Locust General Karn.[2]


"This grub, my army threw all we had at him. They called him Karn."
— Garron describing the fall

The Gorasni mainland was besieged and overrun by the Locust Horde not long after E-Day. The remainder of the Gorasni Army was hopelessly outmanned and outgunned by the Locust Horde and their leader, General Karn.

Paduk described Locust General Karn's campaign against Gorasnaya to be incredibly destructive. Only two million Gorasni civilians managed to survive, their military and government was crippled, and the national infrastructure was severely damaged. An example is the complete loss of all aviation assets in Gorasnaya.

Gorasnaya was also targeted in the Hammer of Dawn strikes by the COG in an attempt to destroy the Locust; this failed and, as a result, killed many more stranded Gorasni.


"By the time Karn was gone, there wasn't an airplane left in Gorasnaya."
— The extent of Karn's destruction

All but a few of the Gorasni were wiped out, and these survivors were either arrested by the COG for not surrendering after the Pendulum Wars, or joined their army. One such soldier was Garron Paduk. During the Destruction of Halvo Bay, Paduk encountered General Karn again, personally leading the attack on Halvo Bay. Paduk tried to warn Colonel Ezra Loomis of the threat that Karn possessed from his experiences fighting him during the Fall of Gorasnaya, but Loomis was too blinded by fighting Gorasnaya in the Pendulum Wars to take Paduk seriously, forcing Kilo Squad to go rogue in an attempt to kill General Karn with the Lightmass Missile.


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