Eva Santiago
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Unknown; During the Pendulum Wars

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Emergence Day

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Coalition of Ordered Governments

Eva Santiago was the wife of Eduardo Santiago and mother of Carlos and Dominic Santiago. Not only did she raise her own children, but she also served as a second mother to Marcus Fenix after his mother Elain went missing.[1]


Raising her FamilyEdit

After Carlos became friends with Marcus, Eva served as a second mother to him. Nine years before Emergence Day, while Marcus was at the Santiago's house, Eva received a call from Adam Fenix, informing her that his wife had gone missing and that he needed to speak to Marcus. After Marcus went home to speak to his father, she told her family about the situation.[2] Five years later, Dom told her that he had gotten his girlfriend, Maria Flores, pregnant, and that he was going to marry her.[3]

Aspho FieldsEdit

Two years later, Eva went with Eduardo, Maria, and Adam Fenix to see off Carlos and Marcus from Fesor Naval Base before the Battle of Aspho Fields.[4] Carlos was killed during the battle, and Eva and her husband spent most nights after this crying. After the ceremony where Carlos' Embry Star was given to Dom, he gave it to them. They ate dinner with Dom, Maria, Marcus, Adam, and Anya Stroud afterwards, but left early to relieve the babysitter taking care of Benedicto and Sylvia.[5]

Emergence DayEdit

After Emergence Day, she and her husband were listed as "Missing, Presumed Dead".[6]


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