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Pendulum Wars Allegiance

Coalition of Ordered Governments

Notable Facts

Capital of the COG and Tyrus

Ephyra was the capital city of both the Coalition and the nation of Tyrus during the Pendulum Wars. The Lightmass Bombing took place near the city's outskirts. It was built upon the once-thought impregnable Jacinto Plateau by the COG. Ephyra was infested and overrun by the Locust and only a few pockets of Stranded human survivors remained until the Lightmass Offensive. The city was totally under Locust control during the day and was infested by Kryll at night. The city was badly damaged after the Horde took over. Before they were wiped out by the Lightmass Bombing, the Kryll would indiscriminately kill those who strayed from the safety of the light, forcing the Stranded and Locust alike to maintain constant sources of illumination once the sun set. The members of Alpha and Delta Squad were both sent into Ephyra to place the resonator in the Locust tunnels.



Around the time of the Kashkur Empire, Ephyra was only a village.[1]

Pendulum WarsEdit

During the Pendulum Wars, Ephyra housed the CIC in the House of Sovereigns.[2] From here, Operation Leveler was planned. This led to the eventful downfall of the majority of the UIR nations and the joining of the COG.[3]

Locust WarEdit

One year after E-Day, the newly-elected Chairman Richard Prescott decided upon a massive COG counterattack against the Locust Stronghold in southern Tyrus, but was unable to rally any COG state beside the South Islands. At this point, he'd decided to use the Hammer of Dawn for a massive scorch earth attack against all Locust held areas, denying the Locust any gains on the ground. This led to Ephyra becoming overcrowded with thousands of COG citizens from across Sera. Around 10 A.E., Ephyra and much of Jacinto Plateau fell to the Locust Horde.[2]

Aftermath of the Lightmass OffensiveEdit

In the aftermath of the Lightmass bombing at Timgad Valley, the Locust's hold on the city had weakened, and the Kryll breeding grounds were completely wiped out.[4]. The Stranded were able to walk their farm animals at night freely.[2] COG papers claimed that Ephyra was liberated though the Locust Horde were still able to wage guerrilla warfare during the Evacuation of North Gate. It remains unknown what happened to the city after the sinking of Jacinto.[5][2]


This article, Ephyra, may require cleanup. Deploy Delta Team to East Barricade Academy and retrieve the data immediately!

Ephyra was a major Tyran urban center located on the Jacinto Plateau. The city was built on top of granite and a dead volcano.[6] The area surrounding Ephyra is mostly woodland and the wealthier district of East Barricade has a view of a nearby mountain range. The Timgad Valley flanking East Barricade is somewhat desert. A river runs through the city center and outer boroughs.

Notable LandmarksEdit



  • In game, Ephyra is very reminiscent of the real life Sarajevo in the former Yugoslavia. The city was under siege for almost four years, roughly the same time period as the skirmishes post the Fall of Ephyra. Like Ephyra, Sarajevo suffered massive casualties and infrastructural damage due to ethnic factions competing for control. Also like Ephyra, with the Locust targeting all humans both civilian and military, there was systematic genocide being perpetrated by the invading Republika Srpska Army against Croats, Bosniaks, and other groups. In both cases, many citizen encampments remained within the city with little resources to survive. The real life Siege in Sarajevo was eventually broken by Croats and Bosniaks forces intent on ending the war, bringing stability to the region, and bringing war criminals to justice.


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