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Enfield Bridge was a bridge in Halvo Bay that led to the main entrance of the Halvo Bay Military Academy. It was heavily damaged during the Locust attack on the city.


Destruction of Halvo BayEdit

Six weeks after Emergence Day, when the Locust attacked Halvo Bay, the Halvo Bay Military Academy was targeted and overrun, resulting in the deaths of all Gears and cadets there. Pvt. W. Felhofer was one such Gear killed on the Enfield Bridge during the defense of the Academy. The Locust gained control of the Academy, as well as the bridge that led to it. When Kilo Squad left the Museum of Military Glory and headed for the Military Academy to acquire a bot, they had to cross Enfield Bridge. Limited ammunition, no access to Longshots, and Reaver attacks made crossing the Locust-controlled bridge difficult. However, the Gears fought their way to the other side and entered the Academy, with Cdt. Sofia Hendrik collecting Felhofer's COG Tags.[1]



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