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Drones emerging from an E-Hole.

"Back in your hole!"
Marcus Fenix

Emergence Holes, otherwise known as E-Holes, were ground-level openings into subterranean tunnels dug by Locust Seeders or Corpsers to allow smaller military units to reach the planet's surface. Locust appear to be capable of digging into most substrata, including both natural and artificial stone formations. The only area of Sera generally immune to these tunnels is the stone-impregnated Jacinto Plateau because of its solid granite base.[1] However, it was breached roughly ten years after E-Day, due to the Lightmass Offensive.[2]

In-game, Emergence Holes can be sealed up by throwing Bolo Grenades on them.

COG orbital satellite recon photo2

A COG orbital satellite reconnaissance photo.

COG orbital satellite recon photo

A Coalition of Ordered Governments orbital satellite recon photo.


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