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Lesser Islands chain

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Unknown; Before Emergence Day

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Ellen was a woman who ran a bar in Pelruan.


Confrontation with GearsEdit

The day after the Stranded raid on Pelruan, Ellen worked out a deal with Dom that he would clean her bar's kitchen in exchange for beers on the house. When Dizzy and his daughters arrived and joined Marcus, Dom, and Bernie at their table, Dom went to get drinks for them. Ellen told him that Dizzy and his kids weren't allowed because they were Stranded. Dom and the others stood up for them and said Dizzy was a Gear, and that he would save Ellen's life, and those of the other citizens of Pelruan, if the Stranded attacked again. Dom then gave Ellen the last of his money, and demanded she give him the drinks. She did, and did not say another word about Dizzy.[1]


  1. Gears of War: Jacinto's Remnant pg 26-273

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