Eduardo Santiago was a retired Gear who fought in the Pendulum Wars. He married Eva Santiago, with whom he fathered two children, Carlos and Dominic, and helped raise Marcus Fenix. To Marcus, Mr. and Mrs. Santiago had a better marriage than his own parents. After retiring from military service, he found employment as a mechanic.


Fighting in the Pendulum WarsEdit

During the Pendulum Wars, Eduardo became a Gear. He learned how to be a mechanic in the army, and eventually retired to become a mechanic and raise a family.[1]

Civilian and Family ManEdit

Twenty-one and nineteen years before Emergence Day, Eduardo had two kids, Carlos and Dom (respectively). They were best friends with Marcus Fenix, who spent much of his time at their house and was considered part of the family. The four of them were working on an engine when Eva came in and told Marcus his father was calling. After he left, she told Eduardo and the kids that Marcus' mom had gone missing.[2] Five years later, Dom told him that he had gotten his girlfriend, Maria Flores, pregnant. Eduardo was understanding of the situation, and promised Dom that he would help out however he could, and was proud of how he was handling the situation.[3]

Father of the Heroes of Aspho FieldsEdit

Two years later, Eduardo went with his wife, Maria, and Adam Fenix to see off Carlos and Marcus from the Fesor Naval Base before the Battle of Aspho Fields.[4] Carlos was killed during the battle, and Eduardo and his wife spent most nights after this crying. After the ceremony where Carlos' Embry Star was given to Dom, he gave it to them. They ate dinner with Dom, Maria, Marcus, Adam, and Anya Stroud afterwards, but left early to relieve the babysitter taking care of Benedicto and Sylvia.[5]

Emergence DayEdit

As of E-Day, he and his wife are "Missing, presumed dead."[6]


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