"They're going to overrun us any second! Push the button and take out those bastards!"
— A member of Echo-Ten ordering a Hammer of Dawn strike on their location

Echo-Ten was a Gear squad that ordered an orbital strike on their location at a gas station when they were threatened to be overrun. Every member of Echo-Ten was killed, but so were the Locust forces.

Squad HistoryEdit

Destruction in TollenEdit

While on a mission in the city of Tollen, Echo-Ten came under heavy attack from Locust forces. They retreated back to a gas station, but Pvt. Jordan Briggs and Pvt. Nathan Dawson were killed. One of the remaining members of Echo-Ten called in a Hammer of Dawn strike on their location, knowing that their position was about to be overrun. The last two members of the squad, and all the Locust, were killed in the strike.[1]

Known MembersEdit


Echo-Ten's roster.

Sgt. John Jakabowski*

Current Status: K.I.A.

Sgt. Jakabowski was the commanding officer of Echo-Ten, and was killed when the Hammer of Dawn struck his position.

Spc. Joel Kaplan*

Current Status: K.I.A.

Spc. Kaplan was killed by the Hammer of Dawn attack on his position.

Pvt. Jordan Briggs

Current Status: K.I.A.

Pvt. Briggs was killed fighting the Locust in Tollen.

Pvt. Nathan Dawson

Current Status: K.I.A.

Pvt. Dawson was killed fighting the Locust in Tollen.


  • Due to the blurriness of the video on the Last Day website, the names "Jakabowski" and "Kaplan" may be incorrect.


  1. Last Day

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