Echo-Six was a Gear squad comprised of members of Operation Lifeboat. There is no indication of who the commanding officer was, however Corporal Michael Barrick is the highest-ranking member known.

Squad HistoryEdit

Deployed to TimgadEdit

Echo-Six was initially deployed around the Timgad area during the Lightmass Offensive. This may explain why several members of the squad contracted Rustlung

Deployed to the Pirnah BadlandsEdit

They were then redeployed to the Pirnah Badlands to engage Locust Skirmishers that had been sited there. They were, however, ambushed themselves, and all members of the squad were killed except for Cpl. Michael Barrick. He was found by Delta-One, and was later reassigned to them.

It is unknown if Echo-Six was reformed following Barrick's assignment to Delta-One.

Known MembersEdit

Michael Barrick

Current Status: K.I.A.[1]

Michael was a former stranded with Rustlung, now conscript, that was part of Echo-Six. He was reassigned into Delta after his original squad, Echo Six, were killed. After the Mission to the Pirnah Badlands he was reassigned to Delta-One and sent to Montevado. During the sinking of the city, he was killed by Locust forces trying to save Delta-One from the Locust ambush.


Current Status: K.I.A.[2]

Nash was another member of Echo-Six who was killed when his squad was ambushed by Locust. Nash was a friend of Michael Barrick and, like him, had Rustlung.


  • All known members of Echo-Six had Rust Lung.


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