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Echo-Nine during Operation: Hollow Storm.

Echo-Nine was a Gear squad that was stationed in, and patrolled, the Timgad area. Their squad commander was Sergeant Jonathan Harper, who contracted Rustlung during his assignment stationed at Timgad.[1] The majority of Echo-Nine contracted Rustlung after the Lightmass Offensive and so did not take part in active duty between the Lightmass Offensive and Operation: Hollow Storm. However, some members were fit enough for active duty and were reassigned to another squad. For example, Michael Barrick was reassigned to Echo-Six. Echo-Nine took part in Operation: Hollow Storm, even though the squad members were suffering with Rustlung. During the operation, they were subsequently wiped out and the survivors taken prisoner.[2]

Known MembersEdit

Johonathon Harper
Jonathan Harper

Current Status: K.I.A.[1][2]

Harper was the leader of Echo-Nine and fought at Timgad Valley. He later contracted Rustlung from the vaporized Imulsion present after the Lightmass Offensive. After getting a clear bill of health (which was actually a COG cover up; Harper was far from well), he later led his squad into the Hollows during Operation: Hollow Storm. There he was captured by the Locust, but was able to escape back to Jacinto City, where he saved a family before being killed. Sergeant Jonathon Harper was the squad leader for Echo-Nine from the Lightmass Offensive through to Operation: Hollow Storm. It is unknown how long he had led Echo-Nine prior to the Lightmass Offensive.

Michael Barrick

Current Status: K.I.A.[3]

Barrick was a former stranded with Rustlung, who was conscripted in Operation Lifeboat. Serving with Echo-Nine, he was stationed in Timgad when the Lightmass Bomb was detonated. He was reassigned to Echo-Six, and subsequently Delta-One after most of Echo Six were killed. After the Mission to the Pirnah Badlands, he was sent with Delta-One to Montevado. During the sinking of the city, he was killed by Locust forces while trying to save his squad from a Locust ambush.


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