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Echo-Five was a four-man Gear squad that took part in the Evacuation of Ilima and Operation: Hollow Storm, being wiped out during both battles.

Squad HistoryEdit


The two remaining members of Echo-Five trying to defend the fountain outside the bank.

Evacuation of IlimaEdit

"You hear that?"
"That must be Echo Squad. Move!
— Pvt. Alicia Valera and Lt. Minh Young Kim, upon hearing gunfire and Gears' voices outside of Ilima Savings and Trust

During the Evacuation of Ilima, Echo-Five was tasked with escorting a group of civilians to an evac point at Ilima Savings and Trust. However, the Locust attacked the city during the middle of the evacuation, and before the civilians could be evacuated. Echo-Five lost contact with Commander Walker, and sent the civilians inside the bank as they attempted to hold the Locust off. They slowly lost ground, and two members of the squad were killed, but the remaining members received assistance when Zeta-Six arrived. However, the last two members of the squad were killed finishing off the Locust, and their deaths were reported back to Command.[1]

Operation: Hollow StormEdit

"Control, this is Delta. We got Carmine, but it looks like Echo-Five is down."
— Sgt. Marcus Fenix reporting the destruction of Echo-Five

Echo-Five dropped into the Inner Hollow during Operation: Hollow Storm, where they met up with Delta-One member Pvt. Benjamin Carmine, who tagged along with them since he had been separated from his squad. They came under attack from Locust forces, and were all killed except for Carmine.[2]



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