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Eastern Front

Pendulum Wars


Republic of Gorasnaya[1]

  • UIR victory[2]
  • Captured Gears sent to force-labor camps[3]
  • UIR symbol (self)UIR
    • Republic of Gorasnaya
  • Unknown

Miran Trescu's Grandfather


Unknown amount of captured Gears


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The Eastern Front[4] was a theatre of war during the Pendulum wars. The front see an untold numbers of Gears soldiers from the Duke of Tollen’s regiment captured and sent to Gorasni force-labor camps. Leaving countless Gears dying in the camps and the remaining survivors inheriting a deep hatred for the UIR and the Gorasni people.[5]


"The survivors of Ramascu

We will never forget.

We will never forgive.
— Card left on a war memorial.

Some of the survivors from the work camps would settle on Vectes Island. In A.E 15, when the remnant of the UIR joined the COG. Some of the veterans would never forgive the Gorasni for their crimes. Even during the Battle of Pelruan, the veterans would rather let the Gorasni soldiers died at the hands of the Lambent that were defending their homes then help them until Sgt. Mataki ordered them to help the Gorasni soldiers. [6]


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