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East Timgad


Pendulum Wars Allegiance

Coalition of Ordered Governments

Notable Facts

Focus point of the Lightmass Offensive

East Timgad was a city near Ephyra and East Barricade Academy. It had a river splitting the city in two, with a draw bridge connecting the two halves, and a train station. The main point of interest is Nassar Memorial Park near the waterfront. The city fell to Locust forces some time after E-Day. During the Lightmass Offensive, Delta-One had to play a game of cat and mouse with a Brumak in the area before they could reach the Lightmass Bomb.[1] It was at Timgad Station that they boarded the hijacked Tyro Pillar in order to ensure the successful deployment of the Lightmass Bomb. After the Lightmass Bombing, Timgad became a highly dangerous city for Rust Lung, most likely killing the Stranded in the city and infecting the rest (including Michael Barrick[2]). From the files at Jacinto Med, they made routes for the infected; almost everybody got this illness, including Sgt. Jonathan Harper who was stationed there.[3]


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