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Technical specifications


Magazine Size

3 rounds

Maximum Ammunition

12 rounds

Fire Mode

Charge shot

Rate of Fire





Coalition of Ordered Governments

The EMBAR is a new weapon in Gears of War 4. Commonly used by Deadeye DeeBees, they are a charge-shot, sniper rifle that fire electro-magnetic accelerated rounds that penetrate through enemies, but because they were designed for use by robots, they lack a scope.[1] The weapon's ability to penetrate through enemies allows for multiple hits, or multiple kills, especially against weak enemies like Juvies, with a single shot. It's even possible to achieve multiple headshots with a perfectly aligned shot.

Charging a shot for too long will cause the weapon to vent, canceling the shot. This drawback only allows a small window of opportunity to line up and fire a shot. However, unlike the Torque Bow, if an opponent moves out of sight, the shot needn't be wasted. The EMBAR will kill an enemy with two body shots, unlike the Longshot, which will only down an enemy. Achieving a perfect Active reload with the EMBAR will briefly stun an enemy when hit.

The EMBAR's barrel will glow yellow while it is charging, and purple when it is ready to fire. In addition, a whirring noise can be heard whilst charging. These can give away the sniper's position.


The EMBAR's Execution involves smashing the butt of the weapon into the downed enemy's back, then twice into the enemy's head, with the final hit bursting the head.



  1. Gears of War 4: How Old Marcus and New Robots Fit In

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