Downpour is the first chapter of the third act in Gears of War.

New EnemiesEdit


Enter Lethia Imulsion Facility.

You'll walk through the dark for a while before ever seeing an enemy, and even when you first see the glowing Wretches, you don't have to worry about fighting them right away. Continue pressing forward with your squad until you split up and head right with Dom. Keep walking through the rain and, after a brief cutscene, you'll come face to face with the explosive, annoying Lambent Wretches.


Starting the Chapter.

These Lambent Wretches will explode shortly after dying, making it dangerous to attack with melee strikes. Try to kill them from afar and stay away from their corpses after you've shot 'em dead. If you must use melee attacks, retreat (such as rolling backwards) quickly after striking!


Facing a new enemy: the Lambent Wretches.

When the Lambent Wretches seem gone, cross the parking lot and move towards what looks like an open bridge. As you approach the bridge, a few more Lambent Wretches will rush out, so be ready to drop 'em quick. Follow the dock and explore behind the buildings on the right for a long pier that leads to a set of COG Tags.


Press the button and soon the chapter will end.

Return to the main path and look for a building to the right which you can enter (there are two). Inside one of the buildings is a computer panel you can access to open up an elevator in the second building. Hit the switch, then move into the adjacent building (watch for the lone Lambent Wretch) to ride the elevator to the roof. From there you can cross a platform towards an open window where you can climb into the factory building. Proceed forward and reach the new chapter, Evolution.

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