The Dorado Hills about 15 years after E-Day.

The Dorado Hills was a region between Jacinto and Montevado.


Mission to MontevadoEdit

During the Mission to Montevado, Delta-One flew over the Dorado Hills on their way to Montevado. Their King Raven was hit by Nemacyst fired by Seeders hidden in the hills.[1] They crash landed on top of an Emergence Hole, but survived the crash. They walked through the hills for several days before reaching the Stranded settlement of Fucked, and defeated the Locust attacking the town. They were then given the Stranded's APC and continued on their way to Montevado. However, they were ambushed by Locust, including a Brumak.[2] They were saved by Sigma-One, and were finally able to exit the Dorado Hills.[3]


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