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A 20 dollar Coalition bill.

The Dollar was the Coalition of Ordered Governments primary standard of currency. Produced in both paper or coin tender, the dollar fueled the COG's economy during the Pendulum Wars. Coalition dollars and coins lost their value after Emergence Day, as the COG's economy slowed down as the population decreased.


Pendulum WarsEdit

During the Pendulum Wars, the discovery of Imulsion helped skyrocket the COG's economy. This gold rush lead to a vast income of wealth for the COG and its allies. During this time, the production of currency was tasked to the Coalition Reserve who kept the currency reinforced by gold. The Reserve produced paper and coin varieites of the dollar, all in different increments.

Post E-DayEdit

After E-Day, the COG suffered substantial losses to all of its resources. Economically and militarily crippled, the Fortification Act was established to protect what little could be saved of the COG. Strict rationing of the populace was instituted, leading to what little money remained all but useless. However, some still held on to their paper dollars and used it for barter or out of old habit, and it was still legal tender.[1] During the Battle of Ephyra, fifty-dollar bills were used as wadding for sandbags. Sometime after the Locust War came to an end the dollar was reintroduced as the COG's main form of currency as a result of it's reconstructed economy.[2]



COG Coins


The COG Reserve produced a $1, $2, and $5 coin which came in silver, gold, and bronze respectively. It is important to note that the $1, $2 and $5 are listed in size from smallest to largest. The smallest form of all COG currency was the half dollar, or 50 cent piece, which was bronze in color. The gold $2 coin was faced with the image of Chairman Tomas Dalyell.


Paper dollars were produced in $10, $20, $50, and $100 increments. Rectangular in shape, they featured the trademark of the Coalition Reserve, and the COG skull emblem.


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