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"I don't know what the hell they are. And neither does anyone else from the sound of it. But it's not the Indies."
— Dolland, telling the rest of the crew that the Indies were not the ones attacking Porta Ogari

Dolland was a cook aboard the Betancourt Star.


Emergence DayEdit

Six weeks after the Armistice between the UIR and COG was signed, the Betancourt Star was entering the port city of Porta Ogari. As they entered the port, they received a message to turn back and head for Cape Aelis, and that the city was under attack. Dolland joined the rest of the crew on the bridge to see what was going on, and told engineer Dizzy Wallin that the Indies must have started the war again. As they turned away from the harbor, Dolland looked out at the city and wondered where the helicopters were, and why they couldn't hear any gunfire. Captain Robb Arden said they might have attacked with infantry troops only, but Dolland pointed out they were more than a thousand klicks from the UIR, and they wouldn't have been able to attack that way. Dolland, Dizzy, and Welson went down to the deck to look at the city, and Dolland grabbed a radio to try to get some more news. As the rest of the crew ranted against the Indies for breaking the treaty, Dolland heard over the radio that it wasn't them, and that creatures had emerged from underground and were slaughtering everyone. He told the others, but they were skeptical until Arden called them back up to the bridge, saying that Chairman Tomas Dalyell was coming over the radio. They rushed up there, and heard Dalyell announce that the creatures were attacking cities all over the planet.[1] After reaching Cape Aelis, Arden told Dolland and the rest of the crew to leave the ship and get to their homes the best they could to find their families.[2]


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