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Disturbing Revelations is the third chapter of the second act in Gears of War 2.

After encountering the Rockworms, Dom, Marcus, and Carmine start a conversation about Skorge and the origins of the Locust. They then hear some odd chants, screams, and growls. As they round a hill, the team finds a Kantus Priest, the source of the noise. The new enemy screams at his fellow Locust to attack. After the first Kantus is neutralized, the door which was previously closed will open, and another Kantus accompanied by several Wretches will advance towards you. Once this Kantus is killed, the remaining Locust will retreat, leaving you to move safely through this area.

The next area will ask you to either go above (left) or below (right). If you take the left, you will be tasked with shooting the glowing fruit which lures the Rockworm to allow your team to move to safety. Beware, as once you have shot all the fruit, about ten Wretches will ambush you, and you will have to kill them to advance. After this, you will have to either take cover and wait for you teammate to kill the gunner, or take him out with a long range weapon. Then you must advance and fend off the attacking Locust forces. Once you kill them all, you will see the cutscene of the sinking of Ilima.

If you take the right, you have to take cover behind the Rockworm as your teammates shoot the glowing fruit to lure it past the Troika emplacement. (You can bypass the Troikas by simply roadie running past them as soon as the mission starts, in which case you won't need to wait for the Rockworm.) After this, you will have to kill the two gunners, and then advance to the next portion of the mission. The next part requires you to climb a ladder into yet another Troika (luckily there is only one) and cover your squadmates as they advance. Once the first wave is complete, a Boomer and a few Grenadiers/Drones will approach, and once they are dead, you will watch a cutscene showing the sinking of Ilima.

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