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Dirty Little Secret is the first chapter of the second act of Gears of War 2.

Objective: Explore the Warehouse


Niles, as seen for the first time.

In this mission, Marcus and Dom need to explore an abandoned COG outpost in search of intel on the Locust stronghold and the Locust Queen. When you enter the warehouse, you will notice that if you go in the rooms along the hallway leading to the large door at the end, you will notice a Wretch or two run by. When you reach the large door, a man named Niles appears on the monitors, saying you need clearance which is when Marcus orders Baird to make an extra strength blast charge while Dom and him search for a way to turn on the power. While doing this, you can pick up the Scorcher Flamethrower along with the three pistols available in the game. Once you reactivate the power and fight your way through some Wretches, Baird finishes the charge, and that is when you and Dom have to carry the bomb without using any other weapons due to you and Dom picking it up with one hand while carrying your current pistol in the other. Please note that you will have unlimited pistol ammunition for the time that you are carrying the blast charge. After you plant and set off the bomb, Niles says "Access granted. Thank you. Carry on." and the section called Origins begins.

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