Delta-Two[1] was a one-man, later two man, squad that took part in the Lightmass Offensive. It was led by Dominic Santiago, who rescued Marcus Fenix from the Slab. After being evacuated from the prison, they where absorbed into Delta-One. During the Mission to Jilane, the designation Delta-Two was used for a team lead by Dom, and consisting of Jace Stratton and Augustus Cole.[2]

Known MembersEdit

Marcus Fenix

Current Status: Reassigned

Sergeant Marcus Fenix, a veteran of the Pendulum Wars, is one of the most decorated Gears currently serving. Although he was imprisoned for attempting to rescue his father in defiance of orders, Sergeant Fenix was pardoned, and has proven his unique value to the COG Army many times.

Dominic santiago
Dominic Santiago

Current Status: Reassigned (KIA)

Fenix's best friend, Corporal Dominic Santiago puts loyalty first. Dominic lost his two children on E-Day, and his wife, Maria, disappeared four years later when that day's trauma became too much. Loyal and capable, he is an asset to any squad.

Augustus Cole

Current Status: Reassigned

A former professional thrashball star, Augustus Cole modeled himself into one of the COG's ultimate soldiers. As he did in his professional sports career, Cole dives into the action with calculated abandon, keeping an eye on the larger goal; defeating the enemy team.

Jace Stratton

Current Status: Reassigned

During the Mission to Jilane, Jace was in briefly in Delta-Two.


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