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Delmont "Del" Walker
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Delmont "Del" Walker is a former Gear of the militia of the restored Coalition of Ordered Governments in the post-Locust War era. Del was an orphan who befriended JD Fenix at a boarding school in one of the COG's walled city-states. When JD ran away to join the militia, Del accompanied him and decided to join as well. A classified incident caused both of them to go AWOL and take refuge among the Outsiders, where they met Kait Diaz.[1]


Delmont was an orphan who, along with his close childhood friend JD Fenix, grew up together in the restored Coalition's cities states in the post-Locust War Sera.[1]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Delmont Walker will be voiced by Eugene Byrd.[1]
  • Del will be a playable multiplayer character for the COG in Gears of War 4.



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