Darrel Jacques
Biographical information
Date of birth

Unknown; Before Emergence Day

Date of death

15 years after Emergence Day

Physical description and equipment






Hair color


Chronological and political information

Locust War

Notable Facts
  • Stranded gang leader

Darral Jacques was a Stranded gang leader with a grudge against the pirates of the Lesser Islands Free Trade Area.


Gang LeaderEdit

At some point, Cormick Allam and Jonn Massy angered Jacques, making him hunt them down.[2] His gang also preyed on the shipping of the Republic of Gorasnaya.[3]

Settling ScoresEdit

After intercepting a radio transmission between Allam and the COG after the COG had captured Massy, Jacques ambushed Allam's boats, killing his crew and capturing him and his ships. Jacques tourtured Allam as they waited for the COG to show up. When they arrived, he struck a deal with them, promising not to attack any COG shipping, claiming that he and his men were not pirates, but vigilantes, and that they only made sure supplies got where they needed to go. He also promised to clean up the remnants of Allam's gang. To show that he was serious about dealing with them, Jacques brought out Allam, and shot him in the head. The COG handed over Massy, and Jacques agreed to give them one of Allam's gunboats as a gesture of goodwill. Jacques and his men then began tourturing Massy, and his ship began to leave the meeting area. However, Jacques was killed when his ship was destroyed by a torpedo fired by the Gorasnaya submarine Zephyr. His men on the second gunboat believed the COG had destroyed the ship, and called the deal off.[4]


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