Light your way to salvation.

As you make your way through the first halls, look to the left for an open room you can enter (if you stay straight, the hall opens up to Kryll). Bust down the door in the room and be ready with some quick melee attacks as a few Wretches come at you from the right.


Start of the chapter.

Further in the hall, use your Chainsaw to take down the armoire in front of the doorway, then move straight through the hall and into the well-lit room on the other side. Move through the room and into the hall at the other end, ready to melee some Wretches. Just a bit further ahead, the halls open up to an outdoor area. Step outside and grab the COG Tags that are just to the right of the doorway.


A COG Tag in this chapter.

Before proceeding, look for another small, self-respawning ammo cache in the room with the "pushable car" outside. Recharge all your ammo, then look for the car just ahead, but don't run to it yet. Target the explosive canister in the center of the vehicle and it'll explode before rolling down the hill on its own. Chase after the vehicle, following it down to the bottom of the hill. If you get left behind, the Kryll will surely get you. Follow the car to the bottom of the road and welcome to Powder Keg.


Blowing up that car.


Follow that car to the end to end this chapter.

Gears of War Walkthrough
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