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Damon Baird Figure gow3

Damon Baird Action Figure.

Box SummaryEdit

Damon Baird is ruthless in battle and regularly decorated and promoted for his tactical genius. Unfortunately, he is then demoted for his frequent bouts of insubordination and bad attitude. His intellect and engineering skills come in handy for battlefield repairs or understanding Locust strategy. After years of fighting, his only remaining motivation is self-preservation. He'll do whatever it takes to get through the war alive - even march alongside a troublemaker like Fenix.
Gears Of War 3 Damon Baird action figure

Gold Retro Lancer Variant.


The figure comes with four accessories; a Retro Lancer, two screwdrivers (Flat head & posi-drive), and a wrench.


This figure is also available with a gold colored Retro Lancer.

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