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"I can see why no army ever managed to capture the fort. The grubs can't even dig their way in."
— Silvera, recording his thoughts on Anvil Gate in his personal journal

Dafyd Silvera was a Gear soldier in the Coalition of Ordered Governments army that was stationed at Anvil Gate after the collapse of the COG.


Stationed at Anvil GateEdit

Silvera was stationed at the fortress city of Anvil Gate sixteen years after Emergence Day. He was impressed with the way Col. Victor Hoffman ran the fort, and was glad that they had a full-time job keeping everyone fed and the fort secure, since he believed discipline was a good thing. Silvera was also impressed by the fort itself, and how no army had ever managed to capture it, and that even the Locust couldn't dig their way in. On the fourth day of Bloom, Silvera and other Gears took out a small group of Locust that wondered near the fort's walls. The next day, he spoke with Pvt. Dizzy Wallin, who had returned with a supply convoy, and he told Silvera that he had seen a few Bloodmounts south of the fort, as well as Lambent Stalks near Mercy. Silvera was worried about how far inland the Lambent had come, and recorded his thoughts in his journal.

During the Battle of Anvil Gate, Silvera's journal was found by Sgt. Marcus Fenix.[1]



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