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"Hoffman did pretty well holding Anvil Gate, sir."
— Da Silva, defending Hoffman's tactics to Major Baxter

Lieutenant Da Silva was a Gear officer in the 26th Royal Tyran infantry of the Coalition of Ordered Governments Army.



Baxter and Da Silva talking about the future of the regiment and Hoffman's past.

Sarfuth-Maranday BorderEdit

In the 62nd year of the Pendulum Wars, Da Silva was stationed at Camp De La Croix on the border of Sarfuth and neutral Maranday. After intel was received about Union of Independent Republics troop movements, Da Silva processed the information for Major Baxter. He discovered that the Indies were moving through the Maigar Pass to attack Sarfuth, which was not where the Coalition of Ordered Governments had expected them to come from. Col. James Choi decided to head off the Indies at Reinne, and Da Silva met with Baxter and Captain Victor Hoffman to discuss strategy. Hoffman suggested destroying an Indie radar outpost at Gralia in the Republic of Lauczi to allow for airborne troops to get the drop on the Indies. Da Silva told him it would take six days to reach the outpost, and that the Indies would have broken out by then. Hoffman retorted that if they cut through Maranday with a small force, it would take only two. Baxter gave unofficial approval for the mission, warning Hoffman not to get caught or he would bring Maranday into the war. As Hoffman left, he recommended that Baxter read Brigadier Dudley's ideas on a permanent special ops brigade, but Baxter dismissed the advice. Da Silva told him that Hoffman had done a good job holding Anvil Gate with commando tactics, but Baxter told him that Hoffman had broken to many rules of war during that battle. After Hoffman and his squad succeeded in their mission, Da Silva mobilized with the rest of the 26 RTI for battle against the Indies.[1]


Crimson Omen
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