Locust Cyclops figure

Locust Cyclops Figure


This article is about the Real World

Box SummaryEdit

"Cyclops" Drones bring an ironic form of terror to the battlefield. Though named for their monocular targeting helmet, their most important distinction is their weapon of choice. Adding insult to annihilation, they collect the Lancer Assault Rifles from fallen Gears and use them to great effect against the COG. Quick to adapt and even quicker to close to melee range, any Gears unfortunate enough to encounter a Cyclops is likely to end up on the wrong side of a chainsaw bayonet.


The figure comes with four accessories, Bolo Grenades, a Hammerburst 2.0, a Boltok Pistol and a Gorgon Pistol. These are interchangeable with any other figures.


  • The figure comes with a Gorgon Pistol; however they are only used by Kantus.

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