Crater is the second chapter of the fourth act of Gears of War 3.


You start off outside Aaron Griffin's main hideout. As you continue, you'll notice an ammo box on a car. Ignore it, as the car will tip over when you get near it, dropping the ammo box along with it. Keep proceeding to the ruined area and rumbling will occur again, resulting in another Lambent attack. This time, the skirmish has Lambent Drudges, Lambent Drones and Lambent Wretches. Deal with all of them and, as the last one dies, a pillar collapses near the area to continue proceeding. Proceed in a u-turn from the exit and proceed carefully. As you get near a construction machine, it gives in and releases Polyps, which shouldn't be too much of a hassle. Then, the path splits up in two (although it is not the typical two splitter). If you go right, going near the broken pipe releases more Polyps. Go near the ruined train station and the Lambent emerge again. It's similar to the last skirmish but without the Wretches. If you took the right path, it will be much easier since the Lambent hide on the top floor. Once the skirmish ends, check the area carefully as there are a few hidden weapons.

Once you're done with this, proceed to a ruined area. As you walk through, suddenly it gives in, resulting in a cutscene where everyone roadie runs and it then gives in. You end up in another part of the ruined train station, and some Polyps may appear again. There's another ammo box, but just ignore it as the rails will tip and drop the ammo box. Once done, exit the train station and then the Lambent attack again. It's similar to the first skirmish you had on this chapter. Kill them all, and then search the small house to the left for a Gear COG collectible. Open the garage doors to begin the next chapter.


  • Journal: As soon as the chapter starts, kick in the door just ahead of you.
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