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Unknown; During the Pendulum Wars

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"Crabfat" was a crewmember on the Coral Star, a trawler that operated out of Pelruan.


Destruction of the Coral StarEdit

While out on the Coral Star on a fishing expedition several months after the COG arrived on Vectes, Crabfat sorted through the ship's catch with the rest of the crew. When he found a strange creature among the fish, he joked that it was the creature that Pvt. Augustus Cole had tried to warn the fishermen about several weeks ago, drawing a laugh from the rest of the crew and the ship's captain, Aylmer Gullie. However, Sgt. Marcus Fenix, who was on the ship to provide security with Sgt. Bernadette Mataki, ordered Crabfat and the others to get away from the creature, and it began growing and mutating before their eyes. Crabfat joined the others in jumping overboard while Marcus and Bernie tried to fight it, but they failed, and jumped into the water with the others before the creature exploded, destroying the Coral Star. Another trawler, the Montagnon, then picked Crabfat and the others up out of the water.[1]


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