Courtyard is the second chapter of the second act in Gears of War: Judgment.


New enemies:

After walking past the main gate, you're now inside the Halvo Bay Military Academy. Everyone's dead and the place is on fire. Walk through the left corridor and you'll find a Scorcher Flamethrower or a Boomshot Grenade Launcher, and a Retro Lancer. The declassified mission is on the left wall.

Declassified MissionEdit

"Cadet Hendrick alleged that Academy's proximal defense system was activated during Locust attack."

By activating the Declassified Mission, you'll have four minutes to complete the level; failure will result in death by a poisonous gas. Kick the door ahead of you and there'll be a Boom Shield ahead of you with a One-Shot or Longshot at the other side. There'll be a turret manned by Therons or Drones and across the courtyard there'll be Grinders, Boomers or Maulers. It is advisable to deal with the Boomers first and at a distance before you take out the turret. Use the weapons and equipment around you to your advantage and don't let enemies get close and if they do, deal with them quickly.

After you've taken everyone out, the door behind you will open and a Rager will appear. Your comrades will fire at him and it will mutate its body into a grotesque but powerful shape. Try to headshot it or use powerful guns on him as normal bullets to the body will not hurt it. Be careful as it can down or kill you with one to two hits. You can also chainsaw him from behind. There'll be more Ragers so try using their Breechshots or the Longshot to take them out before they can transform. Move downstairs and there'll be some Tickers and a Sawed-Off Shotgun. After you exit the building, there'll be some Locust waiting for you. Take them out and head to the left door before the time runs out to continue to the next chapter.


Once you take out the first Rager and you enter the building, go to the left to a small room behind the Ragers. The COG Tag will be at the left side of the desk.


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