Couger Stadium

Cougars Stadium was the home stadium for the Thrashball team, the Cougars. During the Locust War, in the aftermath of Emergence Day, Chairman Tomas Dalyell allowed the Cougars to continue their game to boost morale and because Hanover had not been attacked yet. The Cougars Stadium was located in Hanover, Tyrus.[1]

As the war dragged on, Hanover eventually was attacked and became a Stranded camp, where it hosted several hundred refugees who made a living scavenging the ruined city for food and supplies. The stadium remained largely intact and its residents even preserved the statue of Augustus Cole out of respect for him.

Seventeen years after Emergence Day, during the Lambent Pandemic, Cole returned to his hometown with his squad from the CNV Sovereign, looking for supplies and weapons for the ship. Their search eventually brought them to Cougars Stadium, where Cole was greeted with a hero's welcome. However, the stadium soon fell under attack by the Lambent, forcing the squad to rush to the defense of the Stranded refugees. This intervention ensured the survival of most of the Stranded, who evacuated thereafter, though the stadium was heavily damaged in the attack.[2]

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