Coral Star
Production information


Technical specifications
Maximum speed

18 KPH[1]




Fishing boat


15 A.E.


Coalition of Ordered Governments

The Coral Star was a fishing vessel in the Pelruan trawler fleet.


Search for the HarvestEdit

While out with the rest of the trawler fleet, the Coral Star and the other ships were forced to return to port at Pelruan when the Harvest went missing. Aylmer Gullie, the Coral Star's captain, was still pleased with the catch they had brought in. While at the dock, they were met by Pvt. Augustus Cole, who was worried about a fish in their catch, but they managed to convince him it was harmless.[2]

Destroyed by the LambentEdit

Several weeks later, the Coral Star went out with the rest of the fishing fleet, with Sgt. Bernadette Mataki and Sgt. Marcus Fenix aboard to provide security. After several hours of fishing, they dumped a load of Oilfish onto the deck, and the crew began sorting through them. One of the crewmembers, Crabfat, saw a strange looking fish and joked that it must have been what Cole had been so worried about. Marcus and Bernie came to check on it, and they and the crew were horrified when it began to grow and mutate. Marcus realized it was a Lambent creature, and ordered the crew to evacuate, and the Gullie led his three crewmembers overboard. Marcus and Bernie tried to fight it, but to no avail. They jumped overboard after setting the ship for its highest speed, and the Lambent creature exploded, destroying the Coral Star, but not harming any of the crew in the water.[3]


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