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Concord Air Base was a civilian and later COG military airfield located in the industrial city of Concord. During the Pendulum Wars, it served as a major international transportation hub for COG citizens traveling to the nation of Kashkur. Sometime after E-Day, it was converted into a military airfield in a COG effort to hold back the Locust invasion.

It was abandoned after the Hammer of Dawn Counterattack and later occupied by the Savage Locust. A small band of COG soldiers would raid the airfield, killing dozens of Locust, Corpsers, and a Brumak. Most of the fixed wing aircraft were abandoned at CAB and have decayed along with the base's infrastructure.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Concord Air Base was apparently modeled after Los Angeles International Airport as both airfields have a sign out front which reads their airport codes: CAB and LAX.


  1. Gears of War 3: Act III: Breakneck Run

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