Collun Bettrys
Biographical information

Ostri Republic

Date of death

"15th Day of Brume" / 2 years before E-Day[1]

Physical description and equipment






Chronological and political information
Notable Facts
  • "Put on few more kilos from last intel report"[2]

Union of Independent Republics

"What are you doing with us? Are we hostages? What about the rest of us?"
— Bettrys, demanding answers during the COG raid of Aspho Point

Collun Bettrys was a UIR scientist that worked on the Hammer of Dawn technology for the UIR at Aspho Point.


Raid on Aspho PointEdit

Bettrys was captured by the COG when Aspho Point was raided for the Hammer of Dawn technology. He demanded answers from Major Victor Hoffman as he was handcuffed, and was told that he would be offered a job and a nice life for the COG if he cooperated. He was then taken down to the shore and placed in a Marlin with other captured scientists as they waited for extraction.[3] When a Khimera attack chopper opened fire on the Marlin he was in as it tried to escape, Bettrys was knocked unconscious and drowned.[4]


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