Collectibles are a new feature of Gears of War 2. They are documents or objects hidden in levels meant as prizes and more in-depth explanations and examinations of the plot. Therefore, there is a great deal of incentive to finding them. Ranging from COG Tags to letters to Locust jewelry, you will find objects that offer an understanding of your location, your foe, and everything about the Gears of War universe. All collectibles are kept in the War Journal.

Act 1 - Tip of the SpearEdit

Welcome to DeltaEdit

Name Location
The Eagle Newspaper On the ground in the first alley as you begin training.
Ambulance Driver's Log After you go down the ladder at the end of training, turn right and walk into the small room at the end of the alley.


Name Location
Doctor’s Journal After the fuel tank ambush, go up the left hallway and into a room on the left side.
Jacinto Medical Center File In the middle of two parts of a nurses station.
COG Letterhead Outside the cafeteria in the left hallway; check a left side room.
COG Proclamation When you enter the hospital lobby, stay upstairs and check the ground on the right side of the balcony.
COG Tag Just outside the hospital; check the pillar to your right.

Rolling ThunderEdit

Name Location
Grindlift Notice On the rig, just to the left of the ladder, on the wall.
Munitions Requisition Form After you hop off the rig to fight the Locust, check near the bushes to the left before you approach the cover.


Name Location
Jacinto Sentinel Newspaper On the second floor of the building you enter at the start of the level.
Memorial Inscription On the wall of the memorial, just after the second Ticker ambush, before you head up to the fuel station.
Truck Driver's Note Inside the fuel station, at the back.
COG Tag Inside the dark tunnel, in a room on the left side, just before you pass the cars blocking the tunnel.

Act 2 - DenizensEdit

Indigenous CreaturesEdit

Name Location
Gear's Journal Cut through the vines by the second rockworm, on the ground by the Grindlift.
Kantus Scroll After the Troika ambush and Reaver fight atop the rock spire; check the ground at the back of the area.

Disturbing RevelationsEdit

Name Location
Locust Emblem Just after the first battle with the Kantus; check the ground on the right when you go through the gate.

Sinking FeelingEdit

Name Location
Ilima City Help-Wanted Ad After the first battle, head up the slight slope to the right to find it on the ground near the Gorgon Pistol.
COG Tag After Cole rejoins the squad, check in the back of the ruined building on the ground on a dead body.


Name Location
Stranded's Journal Just after Baird rejoins the squad, check down a rock spur on the right side of the cave.

Intestinal FortitudeEdit

Name Location
Car Gold Magazine On the ground to your left as the level begins.
COG Tag After you speak with Carmine, check on the ground near the left wall, just before you go up a sloped ramp. Look carefully, they’re grimy!

Act 3 - Gathering StormEdit


Name Location
Interoffice Memo After you blow up the door, at the top of the stairs there's an office on the right hand side with the collectable in it.
Memo After you enable the first turret, check a door on the right side of the hall, then kick open a door and check the ground in the small office.
New Hope Medical File Inside the second room with turrets on the ceiling; check inside the room behind the switch that deactivates the turrets.

Rude AwakeningEdit

Name Location
Doctor's Journal After you exit the facility, check the building to your right.
Captivity Marks Before you board the third train (counting the inoperable train car) face the back of the train yard and run into the small building there. Examine the wall inside to find the marks.


Name Location
Stranded's Journal Up the stairs in the center of the ruins, just after the first Gunboat appearance.

Act 4 - HiveEdit


Name Location
Locust Terminal After a Troika ambush, you will find a point of interest which is a Locust Terminal. Don't examine it yet but look for another one nearby. You must examine this one first as the one which starts your search for Maria takes you to a new area and checkpoint.


Name Location
Prisoner’s Journal After the second Locust Terminal, head left and check the back of the cave to find it on the ground.

Hornets' NestEdit

Name Location
Locust Jailer Document At the start of the level, go down the stairs to the right. Turn right into the hall, and check on the ground at the end of the hall.
Human Finger Necklace When you enter the room where the doors start to close, Roadie Run quickly through the room, through the second closing door on your right.

No Turning BackEdit

Name Location
Locust Calendar At the beginning of the chapter, after you get off the gondola, you will go up spiral stairs. At the top of the stairs, look to the left. On the back of the platform you will see this oddly-shaped object.
Locust Defense Plans After you extend the bridge, cross it and go left down the hall; it’s on the ground by an ammo pack.

The Best-Laid PlansEdit

Name Location
Locust Invasion Map Past the lift that comes up on the side of the palace; check an alcove to the right.
Trinity of Worms Artifact After the path splits, go up the stairs where the Grinder was located and check the ground by the ammo pack.

Royal InquisitionEdit

Name Location
Locust Tablets On the ground between pillars at the back of the room, after you pass through the doorway as you begin the chapter.

Act 5 - AftermathEdit

Desperate StandEdit

Name Location
COG Recon Report After KR-36 flies by, go down the stairs and check on the ground.
COG Tag At the end of the level, while defending the North Gate, go down the stairs on the far right and check on the ground.

Free ParkingEdit

Name Location
Jacinto Sentinel Newspaper After you kill the Grinder in the street, check around the wall to the right of his position.
COG Tag After you pick up the Hammer of Dawn, at the end of the street walk through the half destroyed building and turn left into another destroyed part of that same building. This will count for Tenuous Footing.

Tenuous FootingEdit

Name Location
COG Tag After you pick up the Hammer of Dawn, at the end of the street walk through the half destroyed building and turn left into another destroyed part of that same building. This will count for Tenuous Footing.
Stranded’s Journal After the building drops out from under you, mantle out and check the corner of the roof to find the final collectible.

External linksEdit

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