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"Richie's a good boy. Never been any trouble. But now he's gotta find a job. They don't always teach Gears a trade, see."
"Always room for a trainee engineer in the Merch, Diz. You can tell him that.
Dizzy Wallin and Robb Arden, six weeks after the armistice between the COG and the UIR

The Coalition of Ordered Governments Merchant Navy, sometimes called the Merch, was a fleet of merchant vessels registered in the Coalition of Ordered Governments. Protected by the NCOG from prowling UIR submarines, it began to collapse and eventually fade out of existence after the chaotic events of E-Day.


Pendulum WarsEdit

Dizzy Portrait

Dizzy Wallin, the most well-known member of the Merchant Navy.

"I was about to say we could get back to normal. But peace isn't normal. Not for any of us. It's goddamn ab-normal."
"No torpedoes. No shells. We can go any damn where we want, and nobody's gonna try and sink us. Ain't that somethin'?
Dizzy Wallin and Robb Arden discussing their job after the armistice

During the Pendulum Wars, the Merchant Navy usually moved in formation with other cargo ships and NCOG destroyers due to the presence of UIR submarines in Seran waters.

After the COG-UIR Armistice, Merchant vessels were no longer under the threat of being sunk by enemy ships, allowing them to sail wherever they pleased.[1]

Locust WarEdit

Just over a year after Emergence Day, half of the Merchant Navy was gone.[2] Former-Merch member Dizzy Wallin desperately tried to find a job, telling people that his time in the navy taught him how to repair large engines, but was turned down every time. Years later, when Dizzy enlisted in Operation Lifeboat, that knowledge landed him the occupation of Derrick driver. Dizzy's knowledge from being in the merchant navy proved to be vital to winning the war and the Lambent Pandemic: as a result of his time in the navy, he was able to repair, fuel and drive a submarine and was able to ferry Delta-One to Azura, where they fired a weapon that wiped out the Locust and the Lambent.


Imulsion TankerEdit

Main article: Imulsion Tanker

Imulsion Tankers are large supply vessels used by the Merchant Navy to transport large quantities of Imulsion across the sea.


  • Apparently being part of the merchant navy brings with it a great deal of knowledge about various vehicles. His time in the merchant navy gave Dizzy Wallin the ability to fuel, repair, and pilot a submarine as well as various other vehicles.


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