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Clocktower is a rather wide and square map, and has few weapons on it. There is a Longshot Sniper Rifle at the top of this map. Both teams spawn at either side of the bottom of the map. In the center, there are Bolo Grenades, and at the bottom of the map, there is a Boomshot Grenade Launcher. There are two high roads to either side.

Gears Of War 3 Clock Tower

Clocktower Overhead Map (click to enlarge)


There are two ways to reach the battles: to head straight into the thick of battle, or take the high roads. You should pick up the Longshot along the way, as it can help in whittling down the enemies. As before, shoot the individuals before attacking the closer-together groups. In the lower area of the map, tucked away behind the cars, is a quasi-hidden area that's under the high ground to the south. This hidden area is a great place to avoid detection as hardly anyone ever explores it. If you're outnumbered, hang out under the bridge and hope for a draw.


  • Sometimes the bell on the clocktower will play the Gears of War theme.
  • If you take a Boltok Pistol and go to the statues, shoot the books if they have one until you see their heads burst into flame and hear Dom yelling. After you shoot the last statue's book, Dom's beard will appear in the sky.

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