"Crazy if you ask me. The grubs could come up any damn where. At least we got army protection here."
— Chuck, talking with Dizzy about Gray after he left to go hide in the mountains

Chuck was a civilian volunteer who worked to clean up cities after Locust attacks.


Cleaning up Halvo BayEdit

Three months after Emergence Day, Chuck and his group of cleanup volunteers were sent to Halvo Bay a week after the Locust had attacked it. Chuck used a pickaxe to shift through the rubble in order to reach bodies, and talked with fellow volunteer Dizzy Wallin as he worked. Dizzy asked him if he had seen Gray, a fellow volunteer, and Chuck told him that Gray had decided to go up into the mountains to try and find a way to survive away from the Locust. Chuck said he thought that was crazy, since the Locust could come up there as easily as they could come up anywhere, and they at least had Gears to protect them. Chuck then assisted Dizzy in lifting a sign that had fallen down, and both were disturbed to discover two bodies underneath that had been flattened by the sign. Dizzy said that that was likely a better and quicker way to go, and Chuck agreed. They wondered how they were going to identify them, and Dizzy decided they should search around the nearby debris to see if they had dropped an ID.[1]


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