Delta arriving at Checkpoint Two.

"Yo, man, you better keep movin'. Checkpoint Two is up ahead."
Franklin Tsoko to Dominic Santiago, after Dom informed him that Checkpoint One was down and the Kryll were out

Checkpoint Two was one of two checkpoints set up between Franklin's Outpost and Aspho Gas Station. It was run by a single Stranded: a drunk named Hanley.[1]


Lightmass OffensiveEdit

Checkpoint Two was one of the Checkpoints created for extra securirty and as a supply point between Franklin's Outpost and Aspho Gas Station. When Marcus and Dom arrived at the checkpoint, they met a Stranded by the name of Hanley who was drunk at his post. Marcus and Dom were forced to trust this man in order to proceed through a ruined house because they required the lights to be turned on in order to pass through. They left Jack with Hanley so they could communicate with him.[1]



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