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"Whoa, so this is Char. Damn. And people still live here after the Hammer strikes?"
"Yup. They're in there, son. But they ain't the welcomin' kind.
Jace Stratton and Dizzy Wallin upon Delta's arrival to the city

Char was city located near the town of Mercy. It was one of the largest cities on Sera prior to the Locust War, serving as home to hundreds of thousands of citizens.[1] Following the Hammer of Dawn Counterattack a year after Emergence Day, Char was left as a mass graveyard, filled with countless ashen remains and resentful Stranded.


Pendulum WarsEdit

Prior to the Locust War, the city that would later be known as Char was one of the largest cities on Sera, home to hundreds of thousands of COG citizens.[1] It was also home to Aaron Griffin, the head of Griffin Imulsion Corporation, one of the largest Imulsion companies on Sera.

Locust WarEdit

Hammer of Dawn Counterattack and AftermathEdit

"Bitch, you don't understand shit. You seen those ash remains? Those were my workforce. My employees. My family. I don't like their rest bein' disturbed by others, and especially no fucking COG!"
Aaron Griffin to Anya Stroud after the latter asked for fuel, 17 A.E.

The remains of Char after the Hammer strikes.

A year after Emergence Day, the COG realized that the Locust advance couldn't be stopped by conventional means. So, they turned to the Hammer of Dawn to enact a "Scorched Earth" policy, destroying key targets that they believed the Locust could take advantage of. This was done in the hope that, by denying the Locust use of critical facilities, their advance would be slowed or halted altogether.

Inhabitants of civilian centers were given advanced warning of the tactical Hammer of Dawn strikes. They were given approximately three days to evacuate to Jacinto Plateau and escape the incoming strikes. While some managed to leave and reach Jacinto in time, scores of people were left behind. Char was ground-zero for a Hammer strike, which scarred the land and covered the rest of the city in ash. Countless people were caught in the blast, and all of them remained frozen in ash, trapped forever in their last, desperate moments.[2]

Eventually, the city, or what was left of it, came under the leadership of Aaron Griffin, who had managed to become a leader among the city's Stranded. He and his gang continued to harvest fuel, despite the condition the world was in.

Lambent PandemicEdit

"So welcome to the Griffin Tower, COG. It was here before you destroyed Char, and it's still standin' now. And so am I. You've got some nerve comin' around here askin' for favors, motherfuckers."
Aaron Griffin "welcoming" Delta Squad to Char in the year 17 A.E.

The ashen remains of Char's citizens.

Seventeen years after Emergence Day, Delta-One ventured to Char to find fuel on their quest to Azura island. The main body of Delta left Dizzy Wallin to guard their trucks while they recovered the fuel. However, they soon found out that the Stranded had set several traps for any would-be intruders, such as explosive-filled shopping carts, polyp-infested crates, and rigged Retro Lancer traps. Delta managed to find their way through the city and reach Griffin Tower, only to meet Aaron Griffin, who had captured Dizzy and brought him to his tower. On the condition that Delta retrieve a missing fuel shipment, Griffin would let Dizzy go. But once they arrived at the refinery, Delta found it to be crawling with Lambent Formers, which explained the missing shipment.

Taking the fuel and heading back to the tower, Delta returned only to find that Queen Myrrah and her royal guard were attacking the tower. Delta carved their way through the Locust invaders, but were unable to save any of the Stranded other than Griffin. After recovering Dizzy, Delta was verbally assaulted by a now-enraged Griffin, who blamed his peoples' death on them. Marcus, who'd had enough, snapped at Griffin and scolded him off to hell. Taking a cable car, Griffin promised that they would settle it another time before flipping them the bird and disappearing into the city.

Post-Locust WarEdit

Following Delta Squad's mission for fuel in Char, they were successful in reaching Azura and activating the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon. One of the key places affected war Char as all Lambent and Imulsion were killed during the countermeasure. The Coalition later reformed and began to build Settlements, prefabricated cities that recycled rubble and materials from other ruined cities. During 42 A.E., Settlement 5 was being constructed by using materials that had removed from the ruins of Char as well as other destroyed cities.

Notable LocationsEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Char is featured in Gears of War 3 as the game's "snow" level.[2]
  • The ash statues are based on the victims from Pompeii. The ash remains of the mother and child that Dom was staring at was based on the Pietà by Michelangelo.[2]
  • A manifest collectible found outside Settlement 5 in Gears of War 4 details rubble being taken from key cities in order to recycle materials to build settlements. One of the cities mentioned is Char, suggesting that Char was the actual name of the city before the Hammer Strikes and not nicknamed by Stranded.


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