Chancery Bridge was a major, six-lane suspension bridge located in the city of Ephyra. During the 10th year of the Locust War, when Ephyra was invaded by a massive Locust assault force, a section of the Locust army marched across Chancery Bridge and took the city.


Battle of EphyraEdit

"Well, change of plan, then. Chancery Bridge. Tomas needs that damn laser more than we do. They're going to lose the bridge. We're going to have to blow it."
— Colonel Victor Hoffman, during the Battle of Ephyra

During the Battle of Ephyra, a large Locust force was marching across Chancery Bridge, threatening to march right into the city along with the thousands of other Locust troops moving into the city. The COG Army commander stationed at Chancery Bridge needed the Hammer of Dawn to destroy the bridge so the Locust forces moving across it would be destroyed. Marcus Fenix, who was fighting with his squad against a Locust force that was marching across Chancery Bridge, was given a Hammer of Dawn targeting laser to destroy the bridge so the Locust force could not reach the city. However, he received a distress call from his father, Adam Fenix, and went off to go rescue his father, leaving the Hammer of Dawn targeting system behind, but accidentally taking the front targeting reticle with him. The forces at Chancery Bridge could not destroy the bridge, and could not stop the impeding Locust forces, having to retreat as the Horde marched into the city.[1]



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