Central Control is the sixth chapter of the fourth act in Gears of War: Judgment.


The chapter starts with you finally finding the Lightmass Missile and, after turning the lights on, a small cutscene plays in which Col. Ezra P. Loomis announces the death of the Seeder and that communications are back online. Sofia urges Baird to tell Loomis about their mission and reluctantly agrees but as soon as Baird mentions the word 'Lightmass', Loomis shuts him up and orders Baird to arrest Paduk after an argument with him and then orders Sofia to arrest Baird if he refuses. Suddenly, Marcus Fenix interrupts the conversation and states that he and his squad are getting hammered by the Locust and that they won't last much longer. Baird states he's going to rescue Omega-Two, with Sofia remarking that she would too. After this, they open the gates and prepare the missile to be launched as soon as they see Karn.

You need to return to Halvo Bay before Omega gets killed but first you need to get out of that silo. The Declassified Mission will be next to a door.

Declassified MissionEdit

"Pvt. Cole claimed Kilo Squad fought in darkness while alleged chemical spill adversely affected squad ability to recuperate from injury."

By activating the mission, you'll have to fight your way through the rooms with no lights and with a slow health regeneration which will make it difficult but not impossible to reach the other side. You better stay covered and watch your aim.

There'll be a Sawed-Off Shotgun near the door and a Retro Lancer behind it, along with a Scorcher Flamethrower and a Boomshield which will be really helpful in your quest. In the next room, there'll be several Grubs, and an Auto-Turret and a Boomshot Grenade Launcher which you can use against them; Maulers, Grinders and other Boomers might appear so keep your distance.

Move on and take down every Locust you see, or hear. There'll be several ammo caches and Onyx ammo caches along the way so you shouldn't be worried about ammo shortages. Once you've killed every single Locust inside, head towards the door at the end of the room and finish the chapter.


There'll be a COG Tag at the Lightmass Missile's location. Walk to your left side (not the one of the door) and head towards the far corner until you find the COG Tag nearby.


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