Central Base is the fifth chapter of the fourth act in Gears of War: Judgment.


You'll still be looking for the Lightmass Missile and Cole comments he was worried they hadn't found it yet. The Declassified Mission will be at the first corner.

Declassified MissionEdit

"Pvt. Cole claimed that adverse weather conditions affected Kilo Squad's combat efficiency."

Activating the mission will make strong winds that will affect your movement and make aiming and covering a hell of a lot more difficult which will leave you exposed so it would be advisable to not go out into the open unless you're really required to.

You'll enter into a small room with a Longshot Sniper Rifle, some Bolo Grenades, a Lancer, a Sawed-Off Shotgun and several Gnasher Shotguns which might come in handy considering the extreme conditions you're about to face.

Move forward and you'll hear the Locust approaching towards you. Cleaver Therons will hunt you down with all the fog covering your view. A good strategy would be to stay inside the buildings and wait until they show up to take them down. There'll also be a Boomshot Grenade Launcher which you can use against the approaching Boomers and their variants.

Once you feel the area is secure, go out of the building and finish off the remaining enemies but beware of ambushes and try to stay inside some of the rooms as the wind will leave you at the mercy of the Locust. Take down the last Locust inside the nearby warehouse and walk towards the elevator at the end of the room to end this chapter.


As soon as you reach the room with the Boomshot, walk downstairs and you will find another COG Tag on the left side.


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