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Centaur Zero-Nine
Production information

Coalition of Ordered Governments

Product line



Main Battle Tank

Technical specifications

Several meters

  • Turret-mounted Cannon

Unknown, but capable of holding at least four Gears and several Stranded

  • Assault
  • Escort
"This is Centaur Zero-Nine, clearing the pass. Coast is clear...scratch that, we have contact! Repeat, we have Locust contact!"
— The driver of Centaur Zero-Nine, reporting on the Locust mortar attack during the Assault on Landown

Centaur Zero-Nine, or C9,[1] was a Centaur battle tank that took part in the Siege of Jacinto and the Assault on Landown.


Siege of JacintoEdit

"Primary blockade has been overrun! Repeat, primary blockade has been overrun!"
— The driver of Centaur Zero-Nine, reporting on the blockade's status

Fourteen years after Emergence Day, when the Locust attacked Jacinto Med, Centaur Zero-Nine was positioned at a blockade outside the hospital. Zero-Nine confirmed KR Seven-Five's claim that Locust were incoming, stating that Reavers were inbound. After Anya Stroud requested assistance in Sector 4, Zero-Nine reported an inability to assist due to the blockade being under fire. It later reported that the blockade had been overrun.[2]

Assault on LandownEdit

"Watch for incoming mortars."
— The driver of Centaur Zero-Nine, warning COG forces of incoming Nemacyst

During the Assault on Landown, Zero-Nine was ahead of the convoy and the first to report the Locust mortar attacks.[3]

Known CrewEdit



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